Hoggan's strategy for success

1. Do the right thing.

2. Be seen to be doing the right thing.

3. Don’t get #1 and #2 mixed up.

Hoggan & Associates provides communications solutions and strategic advice to privately held and publicly traded companies, government, not-for-profits and individuals.

For more than 25 years we have been helping corporations, organizations and individuals communicate credibly—helping them to understand their audience, frame their story and communicate in a manner that builds trust and engagement.

In today’s noisy and confusing world, few of us can afford the complications (or expense) that can arise from being misunderstood. All of us rely on our credibility—to be convincing and, sometimes, just to be believed. Whether it is a personal reputation or a corporate brand, a good public image can have incalculable value.

At Hoggan, we know that reputations are not built on news press releases and glossy brochures. They are built on performance.

In this age of cynicism, if you want consumer trust, employee loyalty, or a degree of public regard, you have to earn it.  And once you do, you can’t neglect it.


"The right thing"

We know that recognizing “the right thing” can be difficult.

Sometimes what’s right is a matter of perspective. Sometimes it means taking a short-term hit to ensure long-term gain. But in a climate of mistrust, where people have learned to recognize authenticity, we believe that doing the right thing, and being seen to do the right thing, is a sure strategy for success.

Though the tactics and techniques we employ may differ depending on a client’s audience or communications goals, we approach all public relations with the same underlying strategy.

Jim Hoggan has written more about his approach to public relations in his book, Do the Right Thing: PR Tips for a Skeptical Public.