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Hoggan & Associates is a leading communications consultancy.

For over 30 years we have helped clients to understand their audience and to be understood, to tell their story, and earn trust.

We guide clients as they navigate tough, complex issues, pierce barriers, and forge relationships.


For over three decades, Jim Hoggan has developed a reputation as the guy to call in a public relations crisis.

Highly sought-after by the media for his expert commentary, insight and advice, Jim has navigated executives and high profile clients through the glare of TV cameras, social media and front page investigations resulting in awards including the industry’s prestigious Silver Anvil for the best crisis management campaign in North America as well as awards for ethics in public relations.

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To many in the environmental movement, PR is akin to clear-cut logging or polluting rivers, but Jim Hoggan has a very high standard for his profession. He is committed to telling the truth and despises spin and deception.
— David Suzuki, scientist, educator and environmental activist, Co-Founder, David Suzuki Foundation
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Jim Hoggan is the author of three books, including "Do the Right Thing: PR Tips for a Skeptical Public" and "Climate Cover-Up: The Crusade to Deny Global Warming", as well as his latest work "I'm Right and You’re an Idiot: The Toxic State of Public Discourse and How to Clean it Up".


This book should be required reading for every person engaged in the most polarizing issues of our time...
— John Ruffolo, CEO, OMERS Ventures


Public Speaking

Jim Hoggan’s enlightened approach forces you to think about things in a different way. By weaving together storied experiences combined with practical truths, Jim is an emis-sary of the times with a message that deserves attention.
— Sonny Wong, Founder & Chair, Board of Change

Need help?

Improve public conversation, and human relations

We live in a complicated world - a world in which everyone seems to be competing for attention, a world in which every individual is overwhelmed by messages and images.  We see that everyone is waiting for a chance to talk, and too few of us are interested in listening.

Hoggan & Associates can help your organization turn down the noise and open up the space needed for healthy and productive conversations. 




Our Strategy

1. Do the right thing.

2. Be seen to be doing the right thing.

3. Don’t get #1 and #2 mixed up.

In today’s noisy and confusing world, few of us can afford the complications (or expense) that can arise from being misunderstood. All of us rely on our credibility—to be convincing and, sometimes, just to be believed. Whether it is a personal reputation or a corporate brand, a good public image can have incalculable value.