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DeSmogBlog Named One of Time Magazine's Best Blogs of 2011

DeSmogBlog was honored by TIME magazine as one of theThe Best Blogs of 2011. The list compiles the top 25 blogs from across the internet. is the only Canadian blog on the list. [+]

Did you know there are 1.73 billion people on the internet? [video]

And there are over 1.4 billion email users worldwide - unfortunately 81% of emails are spam .

Just some of the many factoids in this great video by Jesse Thomas on the state of the internet: [+]

How to Post a Youtube Video on Your Blog

I get this question a lot and in light of my latest blogging tip on producing your own online video, I thought I would do a simple walk-through of how to post a Youtube video on your blog. While this tutorial uses a Wordpress blog and Youtube, it's the same process for pretty much every type of blog software and embeddable videos.

It's really simple to embed Youtube video on your blog.

1. You need to copy the "embed code" from the Youtube video you want to post. Here's where you find that:


Blogging Tip #6: Beware of Epic Server Fail

Written by Kevin Grandia

Did your mom ever warn you to "watch out what you wish for, because you might just get it"?

If she did, she was unknowingly a social media marketing genius, because your mom's warning speaks to a big issue that I see time and time again. To see it in action go to the homepage of right now,  click on any of the stories in the "popular" section and see what happens.  When I did, a couple of the stories kicked back and error code or a "this server has timed out" message.

The reas0n these webpages are not going to the story is because being on the front page of and many of the other social media news sites, blogs and forums can send a crushing amount of traffic in a very short amount of time. Here's what that can look like, I took this from a recent traffic spike we had on one of the sites we manage, EnergyBoom. com when a story went on the homepage of

If we were not prepared, that spike (sending about 100 pageviews a second at one point) would have completely crashed our servers and all that work that had gone into writing a compelling story would have been a complete waste of time. [+]

Monday’s Social Media Caffeine Buzz

Here's what's hot in social media and online marketing that has us buzzing here at Hoggan this week. [+]

Blogging Tip #4: Write like you have a million readers

Written by Kevin Grandia

Unless you're super-famous or already have a large built-in audience, the first year or so of blogging can be a pretty tough slog. [+]

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