James Hoggan

James Hoggan on CFAX Discussing Empathy and the Polluted Public Square

Jim Hoggan's interview with CFAX discussing his upcoming speech for The Walrus' "The Art of Conversation' national speakers series and his next book, The Polluted Public Square. [+]

Human Change Resistance and How to Overcome It

Brilliant new piece by Atul Gawande in the New Yorker about human change resistance and how to overcome it. [+]

Interview with Jim Hoggan: "Smashing Heads Doesn't Open Minds"

In this interview with the Canadian Environmental Grantmakers' Network, Jim Hoggan echoes communications themes brought forward in his CEGN's May conference keynote address titled "Sma [+]

Jim Hoggan Discusses Enbridge's Communication Strategy

Jim Hoggan shares his thoughts on Enbridge's communication strategy, oil and gas industry public realtions, the pipeline issue and the public's perception of the energy sector with CKNW rad [+]

Hoggan's Bookshelf: How does change happen?


This third collection in a series curated from Hoggan's bookshelf is about social change – how it happens and what stands in the way. [+]

Hoggan's Bookshelf: Who are we and how have we evolved over time?


This second post in a series of collections curated from Hoggan's bookshelf is from the fields of sociology and history. [+]

Collective Insights from IDEO: Small's Big Potential & Beyond Corporate Social Responsibility

In a spirit of open collaboration, IDEO created their Patterns series to capture and share some of the common insights and exceptional success stories they s [+]

Denial of Facts Is No Way to Understand Science

Originally published on Huffington Post on Dec 7, 2011

On Thursday Dec. 1, Globe and Mail columnist Margaret Wente declared herself a defender of scientific integrity by calling upon the scientific community to replace the “rhetoric” of climate change with open, honest debate.

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